Friday, June 14, 2013

Moving right along...

My sweet little Reagan swallowed a pill like a BIG girl today. She had been given a prescription to be filled at the pharmacy and the pharmacist told me it doesn't come in liquid form. I planned to hide the pill and applesauce or pudding (or something). But she watched me open the package and asked what it was. So, I told her to put it in her mouth and then take a drink. And JUST LIKE THAT, she swallowed a pill. The boys both wore big kid underwear all morning and had no accidents. I don't even have to go in to help them onto the potty anymore. Tyler prefers to close the door and not let me in while he takes care of his business. And somehow I am being forced to watch my babies grow up! Life is moving by so fast right now. Just a few months back our house was full of wheelchairs and walkers after Peter's strokes. And now my husband is GOLFING in a tournament on Saturday. Who are these people I live with? They all are making me feel LAZY. I haven't really accomplished a darn thing! I guess I will just make a nice glass of cold sweet tea and go read a book. Sheesh!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Return to the world of blogging...

Welcome to our new blog! The triplets had a fantastic 3rd birthday. I can't wrap my head around how fast these past three years have blown by. We have had our ups and downs. But I wouldn't trade in this crazy life we lead for anything else. We are midway through our summer in Knoxville, Tennessee. And we are soon going to start house hunting in the Atlanta area. We plan to move in September. Which is right around the corner!!! I have spent a lot of time on Facebook and Twitter trying to stay connected with the world lately. And I am tired of spying on everyone else and want to refocus my attention to our family! I have spent a good part of my morning figuring out what I wanted my blog to look like. And I have let the kids have total freedom to run around and destroy the house! We are smack dab in the middle of potty training and the piles of underwear and strung out toilet paper is probably a good indicator that I need to get off the computer and go straighten up some messes! Here is a funny shot of Thomas bird watching from the patio this morning.
I look forward to sharing our daily adventures with all of you! Make sure you post some comments and let us know you are out there reading.